Anti-static fabric, ripstop fabric

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Key Features

  • Specification:
    • 100% polyester fabric
    • Coated fabric
    • Jacquard fabric
    • Woven fabric

  • Finish:
    • Water-repellent fabric
    • Waterproof and breathable
    • UV protection
    • Flame-retardant fabric
    • Plain or diamond TPE, TPU, EPO, EVA, PVC backing
    • PU, ULY, silicone coating
    • Color fastness up 4 level to water, wash, light, rubbing
    • Non-toxic and azo-free
    • Printed

  • Application:
    • Backpack raw material, bike bag fabric and school bag fabric
    • Baby carry cart fabric, ice bag fabric, water bag fabric
    • High-tech product fabric, computer bag fabric
    • Sift bag fabric, digital camera bag fabric
    • Horse rugs
    • Garment, clothing, apparel
    • Shoes and glove
    • Cap/hat
    • Cushion, upholstery
    • Music instrument case lining

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order:3000

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